Reinvention: Long Story Short

Cheats for the solving of this puzzle

If you talk of fifty years of working life… you have to reinvent yourself. You have to make something different out of yourself…”
Peter Drucker

Drucker was right about this as he was about so many things. And if you need a refresher as to what we are proposing, you can find the first posts in this series here:

But that’s the long and detailed version. Here are the high points

  1. rigorously interrogate why you want to reinvent yourself. The deeper the reason, the more passion underlying the effort, the more likely you are to succeed..
  • Then talk to people who will listen to you and offer their honest opinions regarding your strengths and possibilities.
  • to be continued

A wave in the sea…seems to have a distinct identity, an end and a beginning, a birth and a death. Seen in another way, the wave itself doesn’t really exist but is just the behavior of water, ‘empty’ of any separate identity but ‘full’ of water. So when you really think about the wave, you come to realize that it is something that has been made temporarily possible by wind and water, and is dependent on a set of constantly changing circumstances.”

Soygal Rinpoche