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Unmasking The Myth of Meritocracy: Sophie Callcott’s Excellent Essay

Sophie Callcott, a junior at Stanford University, has written a solid essay yanking down one corner of the myth of meritocracy in college admissions:  There’s Still One Big Trick for Getting Into an Elite College   Yes, looking at, agreeing with, and promoting this essay are all proof of my obvious confirmation bias when it comes […]

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Is A Meritocracy; Our Society Is A Ganglion Of Oligarchies

Being a baseball fan my whole life, the conversation about yesterday’s most recent Hall of Fame (HOF) induction interested me because I think that institution for whatever its other faults acted in accordance with its meritocratic nature. Critics of yesterday’s election results missing that point also mistake how arguments for admission to a meritocracy should proceed.. To say that […]

Myths of Meritocracy Are Entangled in Myths about Testing

The Uses of Argument by Stephen Toulmin, a foundational text of modern assessment design, the science behind the making of tests, lays out the components of a formal argument that leads to a claim. (And remember the whole reason to have a test is to be able to make some claim about what someone knows […]

Nepotism, Networks, and Nature Outgun Test Scores

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Or is it possible that the saying really should be that venerable canines like your correspondent cannot unlearn their old tricks? This conundrum confronts me almost daily as my neural tentacles quiver at the sight of some factoid or phrase they were trained to retrieve — and […]

Are Problems With Tests Really Problems With Authority?

An unexpected telephone conversation this morning, on the 27th day of for this blog, exposed me to a loved one who trusts what Joe Rogan and his guests say about the pandemic. In other words, that person believes that those voices speak with authority. To do so requires a corresponding belief that the so-called official […]

Testing: A Personal History

Testing: A Personal History Our Commonplace Book: A Quotes Collection Contact Us [email protected] RSS Feed A highly idiosyncratic account of life as a series of tests exploring both their influence and infamy as instruments “by which the existence, quality, or genuineness of anything is or may be determined” — as Dr. Johnson described them. This […]