If Only the Associated Press Could Call All Our Races: Claims Part II

Did you realize that the Associated Press, which most of us know as AP, called 7000 races on election night in 2020? And that they have a remarkable even extraordinary record for getting every one of them right since the 1930s? NPR, which uses the AP for its own election calls says this is because […]

The Adjustment of Claims Is Not Always About GEICO

Twelve days. Has it really been that long since my last installment in Testing: a Personal History where we talked about constructs? This busy season in the playwrighting dimension of my life got in the way. Genealogy, written with my co-playwright Joe Queenan, opens at that gem of an independent playhouse, Broom Street Theater in […]

Not All Tests Are The Same

They say you never forget your first one, but I can only guess that a spelling test probably was the first notch in my testing belt. Spelling tests are easy to make in theory, but the International Literacy Association notes, “Unfortunately, spelling is more likely to be tested than it is to be taught, and this is probably a consequence of a general perception that English spelling is a skill more amenable […]

Test Hatred I

Tests have found all of us multiple times throughout our lives especially in our school years, but does the first one we took there come to mind? Do we know anything about its quality? Was it a good test?  Was it atrocious?  Did we care? Did we abhor testing from the get-go? Did our parents? It is unlikely that they would have […]